Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com; any of these sound familiar to you? Technology has definitely changed the way we do many things, but have you ever thought about how it changes how we look for that potential forever home? According to an article written by PCWorld found here, Baby Boomers are accepting of technology as much as the younger generations after them. 

Cell phones, ATM machines and the like were all developed during their lifetimes, so Baby Boomers are more accepting of technology and can also adapt to technological changes easily. Also, this generation can afford such luxuries like iPads, iPhones, tablets, etc., which make up most of the US demographic.

However, there is yet a living generation before the Baby Boomers that are not as accepting of changes in technology. That generation is called Mature or Silents, generation. It’s hard to think there is a generation of people out there that does not embrace change as much as most people do. Unfortunately, technology is here to stay.

If you are part of the Silent generation, here are a few tips that your real estate agent will use to help promote your home:

Professional Images: Buyers are now using many pieces of technology to look for their forever home. Using professional looking photos is essential when promoting your home.

Easy-to-use Search Tools: While some of the usual suspects are used to find homes, such as, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, many brokerages have more options and more tools to pin-point what you are specifically looking for. Don’t rely solely on the popular portals to find your home.

Video: Gone are the virtual tours, and in are the live videos which you can see mostly on social media sites. Agents can create an emotional connection with potential buyers by using video. It shows the potential clients that your agent is a real person!

EDocuments: Buyers, sellers, agencies, can all access documents within minutes instead of days without even leaving their chairs. Many companies are switching to filling in their documents online, instead of sitting at a table with stacks of documents to sign.

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