Why Choose Lakeshore Realtors®

Even though the mechanics of the real estate industry has dramatically changed, the fundamentals have not. We solve problems: too small of a home, time to downsize, first-time home buyer, business valuation, and possibly property issues.

Contact Team Lakeshore – experts with skill, experience, and a true love for people. We have the right leadership, support staff, and realtors to guide you through the process. We are ready to list your home and find you the perfect place for you and your family. 

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Learn About #TeamLakeshore

Lakeshore REALTORS ® which began over 40 years ago, is a local landmark that prides itself on being a family-owned business, offering personalized and quality service, yet still offering all of the tools a large company might provide. What sets us apart from other real estate companies? Two things:

  1. Top-notch service and;
  2. Truly caring about our clients.

We are well-known for our reputation of going the extra mile to ensure both the buyer and seller are over-the-moon about the purchase and sale.

Lakeshore REALTORS ® proudly serves Midwest Ohio and is noted as the “Hometown” Real Estate Company – offering an experience and service that is next to none for past, current, and new residents in the area.

Lakeshore REALTORS ® is proud to continue delivering the same excellent service and buyer/seller experience to area residents. With 14+ dedicated and highly-skilled agents, our team is committed to helping individuals in the area with their real estate needs. Customer service has been and will continue to be, the Lakeshore REALTORS ® number one priority.

Whether you are in the market for a new home or ready to list, the team at Lakeshore REALTORS ® is ready to walk you through the process.