Spring into Summer this year with a home that is dressed to the nines. There’s nothing better than stepping outside on a Saturday morning, breathing in the cool fresh air, pulling on your gloves and getting some chores done around the house. After all, once the dreaded chill of the winter months are over, nearly is itching for a chance to get outside.

Many find that during the winter months the harsh weather, mixed with the natural neglect due to homeowners being cooped up inside their homes, can take its toll on their home. Which is why it’s so important to consistently check on various home items at the beginning of each season, to ensure any small problems don’t become something disastrous or time (and money) consuming to fix. Keeping a handle on your home prep will help keep your home-ownership stress levels down and ensure you can enjoy those nice winter months.

10 Easy Spring Prep Tips for Your Home

  1. Clear out the clutter. And “spring clean” your home! Go through clothes, unwanted and unnecessary items that have accumulated over the winter months (or the last few years), and take the time to reorganize and wipe down cupboards, walls, and floors. If it’s nice out, make sure to open up your windows and let some good ole fresh air inside.
  2. Check the interior elements. Be sure to double check that there aren’t any “critters” that have made a new home in your attic (scary, right?), or any unexpected leaky faucets, clogged drains or sweaty pipes anywhere in your home.
  3. Check the exterior elements.These include things such as checking your roof for loose shingles, clearing out the gutters, checking outside faucets, and looking for warped, loose or splintered boards on the deck/patio
  4. Update your landscaping. The weather may not be compliant enough to plant flowers or mulch just yet, but you can still prep your landscaping for those duties. Rake away unwanted leaves and brush from the sidewalks, plant beds, etc., and start planning out your new landscaping ideas.
  5. Freshen up your exterior paint job. Cover up any chipped paint on your porch, deck or the exterior of your home with a fresh paint job.
  6. Tidy up your outdoor furniture. Bring out the patio furniture –spring is almost here! Your furniture may have a musty or dirty look due to sitting in storage the past several months, so make sure to hose it down on a warm spring day and wipe off any dirt or debris that may have collected on it. If your furniture is metal, check for any signs of rust or corrosion.
  7. Service your systems. Those hot months are coming up, so make sure you check in on appliances – such as your AC unit, attic fan, etc. to ensure they are all working seamlessly.
  8. Check for cracks in the asphalt/concrete. Take time over the next few months to repair or fill these cracks if you find them, as they can collect water in the winter months which can freeze and cause more unwanted damage.
  9. Clean your windows. Windows are breeding grounds for streaks, dirt, mold, mildew, etc. Be sure to take a heavy cleaner to your windows and clean them up for the upcoming spring and summer months. After all, you want to be able to enjoy the view of pretty flowers outdoors if you’re ever stuck inside!
  10. Update your home decor. This is an easy and fun one! Break out of your winter rut and liven things up for the spring and summer with a new look for your front porch.

Whether you’re looking to sell your home this spring/summer, or just looking to “tidy up” and keep things in order, our list of tips above are both manageable and will bring added value to your home over the years. Remember, this list doesn’t have to be daunting! Try breaking the list up into sections and tackling them one at a time over the next few weeks and you’ll have them accomplished just in time to enjoy the beautiful spring and summer weather.

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