Work-stressAre you contemplating selling your home, but you’re too overwhelmed with the amount of clutter you have accumulated? Below is an easy guide to decluttering room-by-room, as well as, useful tips on how to dispose of certain items in your home properly by 

1)      Bedroom:

Free-Up closet space by removing anything you, your spouse/mate or your kids haven’t worn in a year or more and anything that has stains or rips.  Sort items into 3 piles: 1) to sell; 2) to donate; and 3) to dispose or reuse. Lightening the load in your closet and those of your kids makes it easier to make outfit decisions and showcases the things you all actually love to wear.

–          Gather old/unused purses, ties, shoes and belts

–          Get rid of unused shoe boxes, shopping bags and broken hangers

–          Ditch the junky jewellery, including un-matched earrings, worn down or broken pieces

–          Tidy up dresser drawers, removing unworn undergarments, tees, tanks, mismatched/unused socks, lingerie, swimsuits, maternity wear, and whatever else is cluttering your drawers

–          Remove clutter from nightstands and refill with things you love to use before bedtime (hand lotion, lip moisturizer, writing material, your favourite book)

2)      Linen closets

– Remove old or never used towels, blankets, pillows, pillow covers, sheets, comforters, duvets and table cloths

3)      Bathroom

–          Dispose of any expired prescriptions, medicine bottles, pills, and sunscreens

–          Throw out very old or unused make up, brushes, toothbrushes, hair accessories, lotions, and other personal care items

–          Get rid of unused or deteriorating bath mats/towels

4)      Kitchen

–          Check your fridge for expired condiments

–          Purge expired canned goods from your pantry

–          Get rid of containers missing lids or caps

–          Throw out chipped plates or glasses

–          Sort through cookbooks and donate any unused ones

–          Remove kitchen utensils you no longer use or have more than one of

–          Get rid of broken appliances

–          Remove dish cloths and dish towels you never use

–          Clear out unused or non-working pens, elastics, and other unnecessary stuff from your junk drawer (come on, we all have them!)

–          Throw out old/unused cleaners

5)      Office

–          Remove books, magazines and pamphlets that aren’t being read

–          Ditch old warranty manuals, expired coupons, old school notices, old calendars

–          Throw out dried up pens, broken pencils and non-working office supplies

–          Remove unused software and electrical items

–          Sort through old bills and shred those no longer needed; start signing up for paperless billing

–          Remove email clutter and bulk unsubscribe to services you never use but clutter your inbox ( is great for this)

–          Recycle unused file folders, notebooks and other paper goods

–          Shred old receipts and deactivated credit or points cards

6)      Playroom

–          Dispose of broken/damaged toys

–          Remove unworn play clothes, outgrown books

–          Pitch dried out markers, broken crayons, dried up glue

–          Get rid of games, puzzles and sets with missing pieces

–          Box up unloved stuffies (if in good condition, donate to a children’s charity or other cause)

7)      Garage

–          Pitch old, dried up paint, chemicals and cleaners

–          Curb-side outgrown kids’ bikes, outdoor play items and sports equipment (there’s always a kid around the block that could reuse them)

–          Dispose of broken or redundant tools and gardening items

–          Get rid of old/unused holiday and décor items

8)      Mudroom/Front Hall Closet

–          Remove unworn scarves, mitts, caps, toques, and anything mismatched like mittens

–          Old/faded or unworn coats, snow pants, ski jackets need to go

–          Pitch broken umbrellas, sunglasses and miscellaneous accessories no longer used

–          Purge outgrown shoes and sports gear like cleets/knee pads

–          Let go of unused knapsacks and lunch bags

9)      Miscellaneous Things to Pitch

–          Unused newspapers

–          Surplus craft supplies

–          Old batteries

–          Misc. electronics

–          Collectibles/memorabilia that’s lost its sentimental value

–          Trophies, medals

–          Old text books, assignments, projects, essays

–          Old detergent/cleaning supplies

–          Buttons

–          Unused thread, yarn

–          Old mattress

–          Unwanted furniture (tables, chairs, couches, mattresses, bedframes, lamps, light fixtures)


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