How would you feel if your parents chose different children? Seems a little extreme, but at least now you’re paying attention.

Most people don’t see the behind-the-scenes work real estate agents do. Time away from their own family, energy, and effort in helping you find the dream home you’ve been searching for. The reward for parenting is a polar opposite feeling of helping a client, however. Real estate agents are dedicated to finding you the home of your dreams. Here’s a handy list of reasons why you need to be loyal to your agents.

  1. If an agent thinks you’re communicating with more than one agent, he or she is less likely to dedicate the appropriate time and energy finding your home. Every agent has access to the same information, and it doesn’t matter what brokerage he or she works for. What it could turn out to be is, more work for you. Keeping track of who you’re talking to, what you’ve said to them, and keeping them a secret from other agents.
  2. If an agent is doing their job, they are worth keeping! What you have is a person who has made the conscience decision to become and agent. Each agent is an independent contractor, so they do not get paid until closing. It’s not an hourly position, it’s not a weekly pay check. So, if you find an agent that is doing their job above and beyond, keep them in your pocket! They are as valuable as a gold nugget.
  3. If you do not like who you are working with, or he or she isn’t working up to your standards, leave! But, be HONEST with them. Honesty goes a long way, and that agent might be less confident than others, so telling them to their face you want to work with someone else is key. You’re an adult too.
  4. For Sale By Owner properties are more hassle than they are work. You stick a sign in your yard with your phone number. You get many calls, yet you’re the one that has to show the home each time someone calls. You’re the one that has to fill out the paperwork, file the paperwork at the courthouse, and in some cases, hire an attorney. Trust us, it is worth it to hire a real estate agent and let them do all the work. They handle the open houses, they contact the leads, they fill out the paperwork, they deal with difficult buyers, they get the best deal and do the best negotiations possible to get you the highest price.
  5. We really do want what’s best for you. We are in a business that creates relationships. We are sincere in our words, and we are truthful. Sure, there is that one agent that will give us honest agents a bad name, but they are few and far between.
  6. When you’re not loyal, it is truly heartbreaking for agents. We work hard for what’s best for you, so when you treat us poorly, we try not to, but we take it to heart.

Just be honest with your agent. He or she will be a friend to you first and foremost, so tell them the truth. Tell them if they aren’t doing what you think they should be doing. Compliment them when they do. What you will have at that point is a life-long friend who will go to the ends of the earth to get your in your forever home.


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